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Welcome! Below you will find instructions for the safe use of the integrity line. If you do not wish to reveal your identity, be careful not to submit any information, which could link you to the report or question during the procedure. Check whether your internet connection is safe and the browser you are using displays a padlock icon. Enter the application directly by saving the entry page to bookmarks.
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Enter any questions you may have related to ethics, integrity and HR topics with respect to Solidar Suisse and its partners. We will process them and reply to you.
If you wish to ask a question anonymously, be careful not to submit any information, which could reveal your identity.
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Prior to their attachment, check files for metadata that may reveal your identity. We recommend sending the documents in pdf format or in paper to our address and writing your username which will be assigned to you upon completion of your submission.
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You may submit your report or question anonymously, or you may choose to disclose your identity to us. We encourage you to identify yourself to allow for a more productive and efficient processing of your report or question. Please be assured that the information provided by you will be treated confidentially. In both cases you will be assigned a username and password, which you may use to follow your report or question. Anonymous reports and questions will be processed the same way as reports with disclosed identities.
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Protection of confidentiality: your identity will not be disclosed to any person who is not directly assigned to process your report or question, without your explicit consent, except when requested by the competent authorities.
For the purpose of processing your report or question, the personal data may be accessed, processed and used by the appropriate personnel at Solidar Suisse and ABC Transparency GmbH. If necessary, personal data may be disclosed to the police and/or other enforcement or regulatory authorities. The submitted personal data shall be kept and processed as long as Solidar Suisse has the legitimate interest to process the report (including conducting any investigations) and, if applicable, initiate sanctions, or to provide clarifications for the submitted question. Solidar Suisse warrants for privacy of the personal data and shall treat them in accordance with the relevant personal data protection laws.
You are entitled to get acquainted with your personal data, to receive your personal data in a generally readable electronic format, provide corrections and request that the processing of your personal data be limited. The right to deletion of your personal data is limited with the legitimate interest of Solidar Suisse described above.
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